Our Specialized Service: Representation for Property Owners in Roofing Insurance & Home Damage Claims We Get Homeowners What They're Entitled to: We get Roofs Approved & Paid For

Did you know that roofing contractors, even "restoration experts", are not legally allowed to negotiate with insurance companies? That's where we come in. Superior Services of PA & MD is a legitimate roofing insurance expert because we are the only local contractor exclusively partnered with licensed Public Adjusters. A Public Adjuster is the only party other than the insured who is legally allowed to negotiate a property damage claim on your behalf.

New Metal Roof Replacement: We got this damaged metal roof approved by insurance in Abbottstown, PA.

Why Do I Need a Public Adjuster to Help with the Roofing Insurance Claims Process?

Public Adjusters, especially those who specialize in roof damage and homeowners insurance, go through rigorous training and education during the licensing process. They have the experience necessary to find solutions to problems that often arise when getting your roof damage claim approved. Insurance companies want to approve as little damage as possible, but if you are properly represented by a certified professional you can make sure you get as much work approved as you are entitled to by law.

Property Damage and Roofing Insurance Claims Specialists

Doing everything correctly and legally is the first step in getting your roof damage claim approved. Don't give the insurance company any reason to deny your claim: we make sure your interests are represented.

Maximum Benefits: Ensuring Coverage of Your Property Damage

Our Roofing Insurance double-threat: Superior Services roofing contractors have the construction knowledge to know what your roof needs, and our Public Adjusters have the experience needed to get it approved!

Little to No Extra Cost For You: Public Adjusters' Service Included

When you hire Superior Services of PA & MD to fix the work that our Public Adjusters get approved under your roofing insurance policy then the services provided by our Public Adjuster is absolutely free! The fee is waived entirely.

Our Roofing Insurance Claims Services

Check out one of our recent roofing insurance claim jobs. We got this entire metal roof approved for a complete replacement by this homeowner's insurance after the old roof suffered some hail and wind damage. We also got new soffit, fascia and painting approved.

How our Public Adjusters & Roofing Insurance Experts Ensure Approval of Your Property Damage Claim

INSURANCE LAW: The Do's and Don'ts of Public Adjusters vs Roofing Contractors

According to Pennsylvania and Maryland insurance law, home improvement contractors - even those that have extensive experience in roofing insurance claims - are legally limited when it comes to insurance work. They are allowed to "Prepare an estimate of the loss, discuss the estimate with their customer, and answer questions the insurance company has about the estimates" (quoted from Maryland Insurance Administration advisory). That's it. Licensed public adjusters, on the other hand, are actually allowed to help with the roofing insurance claim process. They can do the following:

  • Investigate, appraise, evaluate, give advice or assist their customer in adjusting a claim.
  • Prepare the insurance claim for their customer.
  • Negotiate the claim with the insurance company on their customer’s behalf.
  • Advise their customer on the insurance policy’s coverage.
  • Advertise that they can negotiate or investigate a claim on their customer’s behalf.

A regular Contractor cannot legally provide the representation that Public Adjusters specialize in. We have the licensing and training required to legally negotiate with insurance companies, and we have the roofing insurance experience necessary to handle the construction process for you.

PUBLIC ADJUSTERS: Making Sure All Damage is Discovered, Covered & Paid

Our public adjusters can make sure that recovery of losses after a roof insurance claim is thorough and complete. A damaged or leaking roof often leads to interior problems and hidden damage. Your insurance company's adjuster could miss this because it is not their business to catch every instance of damage. After all, they work for the insurance company - not you. This is where the double-threat provided by Superior Services of PA & MD is so effective. As an experienced  roofing contractor we are able to identify home damage and how to fix it. As licensed Public Adjusters specializing in roofing insurance claims we know how to get that damage approved and paid for. No other contractor in Hanover or the northern Maryland / south-central PA area can provide this unique service.

Our public adjusters work for you. We will make sure that your roofing insurance company covers all possible damage in order to ensure a complete recovery after experiencing damage to your roof or other areas of your home. This often comes at NO extra cost to the homeowner.

Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Roof Inspection, Consultation with a Public Adjuster and an Estimate for your Roofing Insurance Claim