Metal Roof Replacement: Roofing Contractor in Abbottstown PA 17301

We got this Corrugated (ABM) Metal Roofing Replacement in Abbottstown Approved & Paid for by Insurance A Roof Damage Insurance Claim handled by Superior Services of PA & MD, LLC

Metal Roofing Service in Abbottstown PA 17301 by Superior Services of PA & MD

Approved for Replacement by Insurance: Metal Roofing Claim

These homeowners in Abbottstown, PA (near Hanover) filed an insurance claim for damage to the metal roofing on their large barn and hired Superior Services of PA & MD for help with the settlement process. They were concerned that their property's roof damage would not be approved by their insurance company and they knew they needed the help from a certified and licensed public adjuster and a metal roofing specialist.

Through our exclusive partnership with Chateau Public Adjusters we were able to set this homeowner up with quality representation of their interests during the claims process and therefore this roof replacement was approved and paid for. We were then brought in to execute the roofing and other exterior work, including soffit and fascia replacement and exterior painting. It came out great!

Roof Job Progress

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Demolition: Tearing Off the Existing Roof

This large barn in Abbottstown had an old existing metal shingle roof that was damaged and needed to be replaced. Our team of expert metal roofing contractors tore off the old roof one section at a time, with a second unit working behind them installing new framing as they progressed through the demolition. It was awesome watching our guys work! In a matter of a few days this roof was demolished and replaced with a new corrugated metal roofing system. Check out photos of the installation below.

New Metal Roof Replacement: We got this damaged metal roof approved by insurance in Abbottstown, PA.

Installation: New Corrugated Metal Roofing System in Abbottstown, PA 17301

As our expert roofers moved through the process of demolishing the old existing roof they had a second unit of workers moving behind them, installing batten framing for the corrugated metal roofing panels across the existing roof joists. In a couple of the photos below you can see the section-by-section technique used by these metal roofing experts. The new blue-colored corrugated barn metal being installed matches the blue trim we painted on the exterior of the barn. These homeowners were really happy with their choice of roofing material.

Roof Demolition & Installation Photos
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Wood Soffit & Fascia Replacement: Installation & Paint

In addition to replacing the metal roofing system on this Abbottstown PA barn we executed some other exterior improvements and renovations to the structure. All of this work was approved and paid by insurance after the property suffered some serious damage from wind and rain storms. We installed new wood soffit and pine fascia trim where it had been damaged and then we painted it all to match the existing colors of the building.

Check out all the photos of the final project below!

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Finished Photos of this Metal Roofing Replacement in Abbottstown PA

Check out the photos of the finished product below!

Completed Roofing Job Photos
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