Rubber Roofing in Hanover PA: EPDM Commercial Flat Roofing

EPDM Flat Rubber Roofing Installation

Commercial Flat Rubber Roofing on York St. in Hanover by Roofing Contractor Superior Services

Scope of Work: Rubber Roofing tear-off & Installation

We offer complete rubber roofing installations in Hanover like this .60 mil fully adhered, mechanically-attached EPDM flat rubber roof on an apartment complex (a commercial property) on York Street in historic downtown Hanover.

In order to properly install this EPDM rubber roofing system we had to strip and remove the existing roof: four (4) layers of old rubber, down to the original roof deck. Afterwards, we installed tapered 1" and 2" ISO insulation board to meet the applicable building codes. New flashing, including EPDM pipe boots, were installed.

This commercial flat roofing application was installed on an apartment complex adjacent to a historic Civil War building that Superior Services restored with a new roof also.

Looking for a Roofing Contractor for Rubber, Metal or Asphalt Shingle Roofing??

We specialize in all types of residential and commercial roofing installations. In addition to EPDM flat rubber roofing like this one, we also offer metal roofing installations, and asphalt shingle roofing. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

Demolition: Removing the Existing Rubber Roofing

In order to properly install a commercial flat rubber roofing system it is important to remove the entire existing roof down to the roof deck. This means removing the old rubber, flashing, underlayment, etc. We had to strip off and demolish a full four (4) layers of existing EPDM rubber. View the photos of the demolition below, and click any one to open a slideshow.

Damage to Your Roof from Storms or Hail?

We are partnered with licensed public insurance adjusters who are experts at getting homeowners insurance to pay for roof damage caused by wind and hail storms. Most of our customers get brand new roofing system installations for the cost of their deductible.

Installation: ISO Insulation Board, Flashing & EPDM Flat Rubber

At Superior Services of PA & MD we only install the highest quality roofing products using the techniques and practices that yield the best results and the longest-lasting roofing systems.

In order to properly install this commercial flat rubber roof we had to build a custom "cricket", also called a saddle, to facilitate water drainage. A roof saddle/cricket is designed to divert water around chimneys or other structures or, in this case, to facilitate drainage from one roof to another. The historic Civil War building next to this apartment complex had an asphalt shingle roof above our rubber roof. We installed a new GAF Timberline HD lifetime roofing system on the Civil Ware building, and built a custom cricket with tapered ISO insulation boards (at 1" and 2" thick) with a ridge to divert the water (pictured below).

Finally, all new flashing is installed, including EPDM vent pipe boots, and the new .60 mil rubber is laid down, fully adhered and mechanically attached. View the photos below, and click any one for a full-screen slideshow.

York County Roofing Services: We offer rubber roofing contractor services in York, Hanover, Dover, West York, New Freedom, Lewisberry, New Salem, Glen Rock, Red Lion, Spring Grove, Wrightsville, East York, Seven Valleys, Loganville, Emigsville and more.

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  1. Perhaps the best flat roofing option of all is a roof coating system e.g. Liquid EPDM Rubber. A coat of Liquid Rubber can restore an existing roof to like-new; delaying the need for roof replacement by adding up to 18 to 20 years of guaranteed life protection to your current roof. Liquid Rubber coatings are a fully waterproof solution and completely seal up a roof against mother nature’s destructive elements.

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