Storm Roof Damage in Westminster: Documenting & Reporting for Insurance Claims

Intro: Storm Prep in Westminster MD Most Roof Damage is Caused by Wind, Hail & Storms. Prepare Yourself.

TAKE-AWAYS: 177 Storms per Year in Maryland. Peak season: April to August.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tracks occurences of severe weather throughout the United States, and in 2018 Maryland was hit with 177 unique instances of Hail, Severe Wind, and Tornadoes. A lot of these storms were in the northern Maryland area of Carroll County, Baltimore County and south-central Pennsylvania and as of the writing of this article we are right in the middle of hail season. Storm tracking statistics show (and roofing contractors know!) that peak hail season is between April and August, with the worst of the storms occurring in July. Prepare yourself for hail and wind-storms this year by having a plan for how you will respond to a damaged roof. There are things you can do yourself, and there are FREE ways that we can help.

An example of documenting wind damage caused by storms in Westminster. We got these Maryland homeowners a full roof replacement paid by insurance.

The roof hail & wind damage pictured throughout this article was repaired by Superior Services in Carroll County's Westminster MD. We executed a free roof inspection, documented damage and filed a claim. Then our Public Adjusters negotiated this roof hail and wind damage claim in order to get a full roof replacement paid for by insurance.

Old Roofs Could Have Existing Storm, Wind & Hail Damage Why & How to Find Out How Old Your Roof Is

TAKE-AWAYS: 1) Older roofs are more likely to have existing damage, and 2) brittle roofs are likely to be damaged by a wind & hail & storms.

If your roof is 10-15+ years old it likely has existing wind damage or hail damage and that means that a new storm will cause compounded problems. This could complicate your insurance claim. Even without existing damage, when asphalt shingle roofs age they become brittle and when shingles are brittle they become less capable of withstanding wind and hail. The physical stress of being pulled upwards by heavy winds can cause roofing shingles to come loose, and hail stones as little as the size of a penny can cause damage. As shown in the pictures below, brittle roofing shingles can be entirely removed by even a moderate wind storm. When this type of wind damage happens to your roof your home is badly exposed and can suffer even more, serious damage. Part of your plan for keeping your roof in tact and preparing for hail or wind damage should be to get a roof inspection right away. (We offer them for free). It's beneficial to know how capable your roof is of holding up to a storm.

Old roofs are likely to have existing hail, storm and wind damage like this storm-damaged roof in Westminster. That could complicate your insurance claim. Get a free inspection from a contractor or adjuster to discover the condition of your roof.
Old roofs are likely to have existing hail, storm and wind damage like this storm-damaged roof in Westminster. That could complicate your insurance claim. Get a free inspection from a contractor or adjuster to discover the condition of your roof.

Roof Inspections in Westminster: Discover Hail, Storm & Wind Damage Thorough Documentation & Reporting of Roof Damage is Critical to the Claims Process

TAKE-AWAYS: 1) Get a free roof inspection now, before a storm hits, to determine if there is existing damage as it could complicate a future claim. 2) Proper documentation of roof damage is critical to your claim being approved for repairs.

A free roof inspection is an opportunity for you to find out, from a professional, what type of shape your roof is in. This will determine how much damage you should expect if your Maryland home is struck by hail or a wind storm, because older roofs are less capable of withstanding storm damage.

During your roof inspection, it is likely that a professional will be able to identify damage that you would miss on your own - damage that, by the way, your insurance company would certainly prefer you to miss. At Superior Services we offer free roof inspections in Westminster MD and the greater Carroll County area. We show up with our owner and sometimes with a Public Adjuster who specializes in roofing claims and we discover and document all damage.

Professional Documentation of Roofing Storm Damage Using the Brittle-Test & Wind-Test to Determine Brittleness & Durabilty of Shingles

A roofing expert will perform a Brittle Test to determine if an asphalt roof is in proper shape and able to withstand strong winds. It involves bending up the shingle, as it would bend from wind, and determining if it is flexible enough to not break. See the photo below/right with " BT=F " chalk markings, which indicates that a shingle has failed a brittle test. This is part of the process of reporting and filing a claim to the homeowners insurance company. Often times this reveals that the roof is in bad shape.

When asphalt shingles fail a brittle-test, it almost always means that the homeowner is entitled to a roof replacement from their insurance. We help get these types of claims approved because we know how to perform these tests so your insurance company cannot challenge the results. A lot of times insurance companies will use a homeowner's inexperience or lack of knowledge to find a way to deny a claim.

BT=F indicates a failed Brittle Test performed during a roof inspection. W=10 means ten shingles showing wind damage or storm damage.

Westminster MD Roofing System Paid by Insurance Our Inspection Revealed so much extensive damage to this roof that the insurance company approved a brand new GAF Timberline HD LIFETIME Roofing System

Lifetime Roofing System in Carroll County MD, including: New drip edge, drip cap, ridge vent, flashing, snow and ice protection, weatherproofing. Entire roof brought up to code. This roof will withstand storms, hail and wind damage for decades.

Many people are simply unaware of what they are legally entitled to from their insurance policy and we regularly help property owners in Westminster, Carroll County and south-central Pennsylvania area file insurance claims effectively and properly in order to get their roof replacement paid for. We've been doing this a long time, and our partnership with the experts at Chateau Public Adjusters has provided us with some solid experience in the insurance and claims-filing process. If your Pennsylvania or Maryland roof has suffered a hail storm or has wind damage, or if you're not sure of its condition but you know it's old, you could be entitled to a roof replacement from your policy. Check out the photos below of this Westminster MD roof replacement, paid for by insurance. Click any photo for a full-sized slideshow.

Reviews of our Roof Damage Claims Services in Westminster MD

"The whole process to get our roof done was outstanding. We were even able to get the shed done as well. Eric is a great man. We refer his business to everyone who needs roof repairs or new roofs."

— G. Kreisher
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"Excellent job on my roof! His crew were very courteous and did a great clean up job as well. Would and DID highly recommend!!"

— D. Musselman
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