Roof Replacements: Top 5 Reasons to get a New Roof in 2019

Why get a roof replacement in 2019 when there are so many other ways to spend your money? The expert Hanover PA roofing contractors and public insurance adjusters at Superior Services of PA & MD weigh in with this article: 5 Reasons to get a Roof Replacement - from added curb appeal, to lower insurance premiums to high return on investment, and more. Enjoy!!

5 Reasons to get a Roof Replacement in 2019 - Hanover PA 17331
Why get a roof replacement? From a boost in curb appeal and added home value, to lower insurance premiums and a higher-than-average return on investment, here are the top 5 reasons to get a roof replacement in 2019 explained. By Hanover PA roofing contractor and insurance claims expert Superior Services of PA & MD.

High Return on Investment

Roof Replacement has a higher-than-average ROI (return on investment) compared to other home improvement projects. According to Remodeling Magazine's Cost Vs. Value Report in 2019 an asphalt shingle roof replacement yields a 68% return.

A roofing remodel (like an asphalt shingle roof replacement) provides one of the highest return on investments when it comes time to sell your home. According to Remodeling Magazine's Cost Vs. Value report, 68% of the cost of a standard roof replacement can be recouped in the form of real value added to the home price upon resale, which is about $15,000 in added value (2019 This ROI can be even higher if your roof replacement is covered by your homeowners insurance due to damage from storms, high winds, hail, etc. More on that below.

From Remodeling Magazine CostvsValue Report: Roof Replacement Return on Investment is 68% in 2019, a high ROI and ou #1 reason for a roof replacement
According to Remodeling Magazine's CostVsValue Report in 2019 a Roof Replacement yields a 68% return on investment. From

Home Inspections & Appraisals

A home sale can be stopped short by discovery of an old or damaged roof upon inspection. Getting a roof replacement to ensure your roof passes inspection will avoid this common home sale challenge.

When you sell your home, the roof gets a lot of attention from home inspectors and appraisers seeking to lock in a sale price. A damaged or outdated roof can disrupt a home sale, knock money off the price for sellers, and prevent a serious challenge. Getting a complete roof replacement, with its transferrable warranty (35+ years on asphalt shingle roof replacements), is a great way to not only avoid any trouble but to add more value and leverage for you, the seller.

A Roof Replacement Boosts Curb Appeal & Adds Value

Replacing an old or damaged roof serves two purposes: functional and aesthetic. This makes roofing projects a good investment: because both increased function and increased aesthetics add value to a home.

The first purpose served by a roof replacement is a matter of preventative maintenance: protecting a home from leaks that can cause extensive and expensive interior damage. Secondly, a roof replacement provides an opportunity to seriously boost curb appeal and increase your home's aesthetics. This is the reason for most home improvement projects, but few sport the high return on investment provided by a roofing project.

New architectural asphalt shingles, like those by GAF's Timberline HD product line, there are dozens and dozens of styles to choose from. This provides homeowners with an excellent way to define their home's style.

Roof Replacements often Covered by Insurance

At Superior Services of PA & MD most of the roof damage claims that we encounter were caused by storms, hail and wind. This is almost always covered by homeowners insurance, but homeowners don't often know this.

We are partnered with licensed public insurance adjusters who have a lot of experience with and expertise in insurance policies, so we know when our customers' roof damage is covered under their insurance policy. When insurance companies DON'T pay for roof replacements, it's often simply because the homeowner and/or their roofing contractor doesn't know any better. We don't let this happen to our customers - we get roofs approved.

When an insurance company approves a roof replacement due to storm damage or some other covered peril, the homeowner usually only has to pay their deductible and they get a brand new roofing system for their home. This dramatically boosts their return on investment of the roof replacement from 68% to as much as 1500%!

Discounts on Homeowners Insurance, Lower Premiums

A new roof means better protection against storm damage and therefore less likely for claims to be filed for home damage, and insurance companies will usually offer a discount (when asked by the insured).

"Before issuing a quote or policy, insurance companies will go take a look at a property and they almost always ask for the age and type (material) of the roof. Most insurance companies will offer discounts for updating the roof - especially in high wind and hail prone areas - because a new roof lessens the risk of having to cover perils from storm damage." - Eric Hare, owner, Superior Services & Chateau Public Insurance Adjusters

At Superior Services of PA & MD we are constantly working with insurance claims for roof damage repairs and roof replacements, and we encounter this question a lot. This is what our owner Eric has to say:

Not just storm damage - old roofs are also at risk for leaks, missing shingles, and other damage that insurance companies ultimately are responsible for covering, so they frequently provide discounts for homeowners who recently had a roof replacement. According to GAF, this is especially true in the "Hail Belt" or, like our owner Eric says, places that are more storm-prone.

According to H. Weber Construction in Minneapolis, homeowners need to ask their insurance companies about this discount - it isn't automatic! So if you are considering a roof replacement make sure you talk to your insurance company first, to see how this can affect your premiums.

Getting a roof replacement can also avoid getting you roof damage claim denied by your insurance company due to negligence, or a failure to maintain your insured property. Don't let this happen to you!

Roof Replacement in Hanover PA 17331 due to wind damage
Our owner Eric Hare with our public insurance adjuster, on the scene of a Roof Replacement near Hanover PA 17331.

We hope this article has convinced you of the reasons to get a roof replacement if you were on the fence. When interviewing contractors during the inspection and estimating phase make sure you check and verify references, licensing and insurance so you don't get scammed by storm-chasers !!

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