Emergency Roofing Littlestown PA: Roof Repair & Replacement

Roofing Littlestown PA 17340 roof repair and roof replacement by Superior Services of PA & MD

Emergency Roof Repairs in Littlestown

We responded to this Littlestown PA home to perform emergency repairs on their leaking roof. Our public adjusters then took over the insurance claim and got these homeowners approved for a complete roof replacement: a full LIFETIME-warrantied GAF roofing system.

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Roofing Littlestown 17340 roof repairs and roof replacement by Superior Services of PA & MD

Full Roofing System Replacement

After the temporary emergency roof repairs we installed a brand new LIFETIME-warrantied asphalt shingle roofing system by GAF for these Littlestown homeowners. Including roof flashing, waterproofing, and more. See the job details and photos below.

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Emergency Roofing Littlestown 17340 - Roof Leak Repairs & Full Roof Replacement by Superior Services of PA & MD

These homeowners in Adams County's Littlestown 17340 called Superior Services of PA & MD when their roof started leaking. We performed emergency repairs to mitigate the roof leak and provide a temporary fix. We then set about the process of documenting damage for the insurance claim.

It turned out that this roof had extensive damage from wind and storms. The insurance claims experts at Chateau Public Adjusters, our sister-company, helped us make sure that we got the roof approved for a full roofing system replacement, not just the temporary repairs.

See below for the details of the LIFETIME-warrantied roofing system components we replaced and installed. This entire Littlestown roofing project was paid for by insurance and cost the homeowner nothing but their deductible.

This roof replacement service started with a professional inspection and documentation of damage. If you live in greater south-central PA or northern Maryland and your roof is damaged then contact us today to schedule a free inspection!

Roofing Littlestown: Roof Repair & ReplacementBrand New Complete Lifetime Roofing System by GAF, including flashing, waterproofing, etc.

Insurance companies usually only pay for simple, cheap repairs but we were able to get a full roofing system approved at this Adams County home, with a 35-year LIFETIME warranty. The LIFETIME warranty applies when at least three of their crucial roof components are installed. We got insurance to pay for the entire roofing system package, and our professional Littlestown roofing crew installed the GAF Timberline HD "Biscayne Blue" style shingle roofing system to perfection. This roof truly will last a lifetime!

Our Littlestown roofing crew executes the installation of a new GAF Lifetime Roofing System, approved and paid for by insurance.

GAF Lifetime Asphalt Shingles

Timberline HD "Biscayne Blue" style.

Asphalt Starter Strip Roof Shingles

To protect against wind.

Roofing Felt Paper Underlayment

Tar paper for waterproofing.

Metal Drip Edge Installation

To control run-off water flow.

"Snow Country" Ridge Vent

For proper attic ventilation.

GAF "Seal-a-Ridge" Ridge Cap

For capping the vent system.

BLOG: How To Spot a "Storm-Chaser" Roofer

When storms hit southern PA's Hanover and New Oxford area there is a certain type of scammer going around called Storm-Chasers. They follow weather-patterns because they know roofs get approved when storms hit, and they perform cheap work and really do damage to communities and to the roofing industry. But not all roofers who knock on doors selling roof replacements are scammers! LEARN HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE:

Our crew executes roof repairs in Littlestown PA due to a leaking roof causing damage. We got this roof approved for a brand new roof replacement after discovering extensive wind damage.

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In addition to the roofing system components above, we also installed flashing as part of this Littlestown PA Roofing Service. Flashing is metal sealing between joints in the roof, where the asphalt shingles meet chimneys, masonry walls, vent pipes, etc. and is meant to protect against water leaking. Flashing is critically important when it comes to the longevity and integrity of a roofing system, and we make sure to install our roof flashing perfectly. This high quality Littlestown roofing project by Superior Services was paid for by insurance and is warrantied for a lifetime.

Step and Counter Flashing

Chimney and Apron Flashing

Lifetime Vent Pipe Boot Flashing

Check out the photos below of this roof replacement in Littlestown by Superior Services, and don't forget to Contact Us Today for your free inspection if you need a qualified roofing contractor who specializes in wind damage roof repairs and insurance claims.

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