Roofing in York County PA 17404: Roof Replacement

Roof replacement in York County 17404 by Superior Services of PA & MD: A 50-year warrantied roofing system installation

Superior Services Roofing: York PA

Our public adjusters reopened a roof damage insurance claim for these homeowners in York PA 17404 after they were originally denied for roof repairs by their insurance company. They fought to get it approved, and ultimately got a brand new roof repair paid for in full. Superior Services installed a 50-year Lifetime roof replacement.

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50-year warranty roofing in York PA by Superior Services of PA & MD

50-Year Warranty Roofing in York PA

After the roof damage insurance claim was reopened by our public adjusters and approved for a full replacement we began the roofing at this York home. We installed a brand new 50-year warrantied roofing system complete with roof deck plywood sheathing repairs, new premium flashing, ridge caps, and more. See below for details.

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Roofing Contractor in York PA Superior Services: 50-Year Warranty Roof Replacement Installation, paid for by Homeowners Insurance.

These homeowners in York PA 17404 had roof damage caused by storms, winds and hail, but their insurance claim was originally denied by their insurance company over one year ago. Enter our home damage insurance experts, Chateau Public Adjusters. These licensed professionals re-opened the roofing claim, documented the storm damage, and got it approved for a full roof replacement. Superior Services of PA & MD's expert roofing crew installed a complete 50-year warrantied "Lifetime" roofing system by GAF.

See below for the details of this York County roofing service below, including all the crucial roofing system components we installed. This home damage repair project started with a complete tear-off of the old roof, which exposed several areas of damaged and rotted plywood roof-deck sheathing. We replaced this with high-density OSB sheathing and then installed GAF Snow & Ice Shield, roofing felt paper, premium pipe boot flashing and other critical weather-proofing and waterproofing roofing products.

This entire York roofing project was paid for by insurance and cost the homeowners nothing but their insurance deductible thanks to Superior Services of PA & MD and our expert public adjuster and roofing contractor services.

This roof replacement service started with a professional inspection and documentation of damage. If you live in greater York County PA or northern Maryland and your roof is damaged then contact us today to schedule a free inspection!

SCOPE: York Roofing Service DetailsGAF Lifetime Roofing System installation in York County by Superior Services of PA & MD

After completely removing the old, damaged roof we discovered extensive damage to the roof-deck sheathing (plywood). It was rotted and deteriorating, so we began this York roofing service by repairing the roof deck and installing new OSB plywood roof-decking. We then set to the task of installing the complete GAF lifetime roofing system, a 50-year warrantied roof replacement which was approved and paid for by insurance. This premium roofing in York County included the roofing system components below. In the next section we'll detail the different kinds of flashing installed on this York roof.

GAF Lifetime Asphalt Shingles

Timberline HD "Charcoal" style.

Asphalt Starter Strip Roof Shingles

To protect against wind.

Roofing Felt Paper Underlayment

Tar paper for waterproofing.

Metal Drip Edge Installation

To control run-off water flow.

GAF Ridge Vent System: "Snow County"

For proper attic ventilation.

GAF Ridge Cap System: "Seal-a-Ridge"

For capping the vent system.

ROOFING OPTIONS: Add a 2nd Layer of Asphalt Shingles?

Don't do it!! We know, we know: everyone wants to save money. But cutting corners, especially on big items like our homes and our roofs, can cause big problems and end up costing us more in the long run. Skipping a roof replacement and instead just adding a second layer of asphalt shingles is one of those cases. This inferior roofing practice voids roofing warranties, causes insurance companies to deny roof damage claims, and can lead to all types of problems with your roof. Remember, a roof is more than just shingles: it's a system of barriers that protect your home from the elements. Learn more about roof replacements and roofing materials on our blog - click below. Don't miss our other article: Top 5 Reasons to Get a Roof Replacement: Return on Investment, Etc.

Our expert roofers installing this lifetime-warrantied roof in York PA. Click for a full-screen view.

Premium Flashing Installation A Critical Component of the Lifetime Roofing System

In addition to the roofing system components above, we also installed flashing as part of this York County PA Roofing project. Flashing is metal sealing between joints in the roof, where the asphalt shingles meet chimneys, masonry walls, vent pipes, etc. and is meant to protect against water leaking. Flashing is critically important when it comes to the longevity and integrity of a roofing system, and we make sure to install our roof flashing perfectly. This high quality York roofing project by Superior Services was paid for by insurance and is warrantied for a lifetime.

Step and Counter Flashing

Chimney and Apron Flashing

Premium Vent Pipe Boot Flashing

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